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Are You Forty Plus? It’s Not Late to Startup

Nobody can take away the credit from the young generation to show us the way in launching a business, running it successfully and raising funds from some of the biggest foreign funds. These two set of professionals have only one thing in common - fire to launch a...

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How to Communicate With Your Clients

Imagine if you will, a bright, red telephone in your office. This telephone is the hotline to the most important person for your business - the client. Unfortunately, the phone cord has been cut. There is no way you can use this telephone to communicate with your...

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10 Commandments of SEO

In the beginning there was the Internet. And the geeks looked down on the Internet and saw that users sought relevant information. And the geeks said, "Let there be search engines." And there were search engines. And the search engines had complicated formulas to...

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Effective Marketing In 2016

You have a great product (as we all think). But, you realize your competitor is getting more attention than you. According to everything you learned in MBA school, it goes against the rules of success-everything your competitor does turns to gold despite having a...

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Stretch Your Tax Refund

Expecting a substantial income tax refund this year? Most Americans are, in fact the average tax refund last year was about $2,700 which is more than a month’s salary for 2 out of 3 citizens. You may plan to splurge a little (who doesn't), but you should also take...

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Building Your Business Fast

Does it really happen? It can. Does it work for most people? Definitely not. So you hear claims at company conventions of some big dog who has built his business fast and gone diamond in three or four months. You are sitting there thinking that you should be able to...

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Stop Being A Business Owner

When I was stuck in the corporate world many years ago, I dreamed of escape to the freedom of running my own small business. Eventually I plucked up the courage to leave and started my own small business, with the goal of training and inspiring people. In order to run...

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