Does it really happen? It can. Does it work for most people? Definitely not. So you hear claims at company conventions of some big dog who has built his business fast and gone diamond in three or four months. You are sitting there thinking that you should be able to do that too and what is wrong with you that you have not achieved the same. Particularly if you have been in the business several times longer than this super star.

Well you can relax because you are just like 95% of MLM distributors. You see there are many things that can skew the picture. The first one is that it is not uncommon for companies to pay one of these heavy hitters to join them. On top of that he is then gifted with a ready made downline. Hard to believe? Sadly it happens and it is done so the company can make claims about the amazing features of their pay plan and how you can be successful with it. Is that lying? Maybe not but it is bending the truth just a bit!

Even if the super star has genuinely built on his own efforts, the chances are that you will not be able to duplicate it. Most of these guys are ‘red’ personalities. They are the sponsor monsters who can hit everyone in sight and get them in the deal. But rest assured very, very few people can work like this.

And why would you want to be like this? Just be yourself; know your strengths and work to them. Never try to blast your way to the top just because you see someone else who has done so. I am not saying you should sit back and set your self a 10 year plan to go diamond. Of course the quicker you get there, the quicker you can quit your job and enjoy a wonderful lifestyle.

So what am I advising? You know the story about the tortoise and the hare — slow and steady wins the race. Well slow is not automatically good, but steady is definitely good. I am a huge fan of and a great believer in the principles of the Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. The core of this book is that “Success is the progressive realisation of a worthy ideal.” Progressive is the key word. What will bring you success is consistent, daily action performed over a period of time. So how long is that time? This is different for everyone but if you could reach the diamond level in two to three years, hey that would be tremendous achievement. That is a level in most companies that will bring financial freedom.

What are the consistent actions you need to perform to achieve this and how do you set about it? Most people start to build an MLM business part time. Juggling your business around a full time job, bringing up a family and maintaining relationships with a spouse and others in your life is a challenge. However it is a mistake to try and do 8 or 10 hours work over the weekend and nothing during the week. This does not build momentum either in the business itself or in your own approach. It is better to do just an hour a day, if that is all you can manage at first. Over time, your activity will naturally build to be more.

Now what are those actions? That will depend on your chosen approach to finding new business partners. Remember that network marketing is about relationships and building the ‘know, like & trust factor.’ That big dog at the convention who made you feel like a failure is probably not very good at that. You can be and as you do that, you will build a solid, long term residual income.

The principle behind building relationships is to offer value and to brand you as someone of authority. Of course you are working to find new business partners. However you should do this without that being your main agenda or you will push people away.

Does that sound like a contradiction? Put yourself in the shoes of the prospect. A guy you hardly know suddenly hits you with a business opportunity? You probably back away. The next person you meet is interesting and interested in you. You find you can chat to him easily and in the process you discover he is really knowledgeable about what he does. How are you likely to react when he talks to you about his business opportunity? At the least, you will be happy to let him tell you about it.

Two of the main ways to develop relationships on line are through blogging and the social network sites. The two methods differ a little and each social site has different protocols you need to be aware of. If you break them, your account will be shut down.

If you are a blogger, you are still working to build relationships, though the process may at first seem impersonal. What establishes you in this arena is posting regularly to your website. Your articles must offer value, information, advice and guidance to people already in or considering joining the MLM industry. Once your articles are posted to your blog, you need people to find them. Submitting them to article directories will bring them to the notice of your target audience. Ensure that you submit them to the right category in the directory; carefully follow the submission guidelines or they will be rejected. With the right back links, readers will visit your blog and then the relationship building process begins. If your blog has good content, your visitors will bookmark it and return. Over time they will leave comments, subscribe to your newsletter and finally make contact.

What constitutes good content? Opinions will differ here. I believe that if people feel uplifted and inspired when they go to your blog, they will return. Ideas to help them develop their business; inspiration for personal development; advice and guidance about looking for a new business opportunity are all things that will establish you as an authority. Just decide on the philosophy behind your blog, spin content around that and stick to it. Over time you will attract the people you want to be in business with. Everyone is different, so every blog is different. Look around for inspiration from established bloggers but be yourself. This will generate leads.

The social networks are very different. Facebook allows you to set up your own group to which you can invite members from your friends list. By sending out regular group messages and posting content on the group wall, you start to build relationships. You can also build a dialogue through posting on people’s walls. But don’t spam them with links to your business opportunity. Your account may be shut down and people don’t like it.

BetterNetworker is oriented to business users, but again spamming members with links is not accepted. In some ways it works like a blog in that you establish yourself through posting articles. Once you get a reputation you will be contacted.

Twitter is huge of course and here you build a following through the tweets that you post. Often your followers will then suggest connecting on Facebook where more personal interaction is possible.

So decide on your strategy. Focus on it for at least 6 to 12 months till you become really good at it and it is generating leads. Then think of branching out into a new area. Above all keep doing your daily actions without expecting any of them to bring immediate return, though they might. Over time you will look back and be amazed at how successful you have become.

The secret to building a successful business is performing regular daily actions. Consistency rather than speed is the key.

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